SOcata mEans “lefTY” 

Sure, we might smudge the paper when we write but our brains were built for creativity. SOCATA is a design practice run by two lefties with over 6 years of industry experience with clients in Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. We specialize in branding, print design, package design, environmental design, social media strategy, and web design.

The digital world has connected audiences to brands from far and wide, and we have the experience to communicate your voice both locally and overseas. 

Some of the people we’ve done
work for:

Ayuntamiento de Orihuela
Brava Management Group
Camden International Film Festival  
Ear Taxi Festival
Harvard University
Northwestern University
Nuestro Turno
Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Sideband Records
University of Music and Theater in Hamburg
Universidad de Puerto Rico 

Ana, designEr 

Elena, prOject manager